AJ Production is where artistry, originality and imagination come together with creative solutions to your media needs.

    Fresh and Creative- AJ Production can take your idea from conception to completion. Our creative team has years of experience. We offer you personalized service; attention to detail, and sincere dedication so you reach and break through to your target market. 

    Video Services:

    Big ideas, but a small budget? You can still get your project produced on a digital format, and we'll show you how. Do you have a large scale production and you want it documented on film or HD? We do that too. We write, produce, videotape, cast, direct, and edit your project. You are an original, and we treat you and your business that way.

    Executive Coaching:

    AJ Production is uniquely qualified to coach and consult those wanting to improve their public speaking and internal communications to colleagues. Our Staff has dealt with Chief Operation Officers of Companies of all sizes. AJ Production will help you express your thoughts and Vision in a concise and compelling way. Learn how sometimes saying less is more.

    Live Streaming:

    Never miss an event again. We deliver digital media anywhere in the world. As consumer expectations for digital media rise, the communications industry is challenged with finding new ways to deliver content on the web that is high quality, secure, and supports their business models. AJ Production provides great improvements to the challenges of delivering your multimedia content over the internet.

    Video Training:

    We offer training in video production, camera operation, and on camera presentation. Providing practical ways to take your skills to the next level. Most of what we teach is based on how to maximize your current equipment, so don't need to worry about us coming with a gold-plated equipment wish list! Some of our best memories have been training people how to communicate with their leadership, develop consistent practices, troubleshoot before things get out of control and replicate themselves to help grow their technical team. Taking Questions from the media can be equivalent of walking through a field of landmines, one misstep and you have a disaster on your hands. Get a head of the game and learn media strategies now and learn from one of our experts at AJ Production.

    AJ Production, your one stop shop for all your media needs!